Some Pictures from Carillon
Clean-up Day
October 4, 2003

Volunteers for the project:

C. Roy Wilson
Arla Jo Anderton
Jay Morrow
John Heagy
Jim Gatteys
Luis Gonzales
Eric Blackwell

and from Texas Tech's Music Fraternity Phi Mu Alpha:

Rob Rogers, President
John Denis, Vice-President
Matt Riley, Historian
Chris Lund
Nate Carter
Robbie Walsh

Thanks to everyone for a (much-needed!) job well done.


Arla Jo Anderton, Rob Rogers and Roy Wilson on the tower stairs


Rob Rogers and Robbie Walsh attack the "Pigeon Patina" on the bells and cranks


John Denis applying lithium lubricant


Arla Jo Anderton cleaning the pedal mechanism


Chris Lund supervising Nate Carter as he applies new veneer to the carillon bench


Rob Rogers and Matt Riley showing Texas Tech spirit in high places


Rob Rogers (foreground, with gloves) and (back row, left to right) Chris Lund, John Denis and Nate Carter
celebrate a job well done


East Tower of the Administration Building (with Tech Victory Bell) as seen from the Carillon (West) Tower


All cleaned up (and awaiting re-attachment of the pedal springs so that the "batons" (keys)
and pedals can return to their normal playing positions)


Roy Wilson, Jay Morrow and Matt Riley try out the newly cleaned console
with a spirited rendition of "Chopsticks"

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Photos by Eric Blackwell, M.D.