Family Reunion at the home of Hamilton Brown (probably in the 1890's)

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Above: Picture made at a family reunion held at the home of Hamilton Brown, probably
in the early 1890's.  Seated in the wheelchair is Mary "Polly" Gossett Brown, mother of
Hamilton (and William Laban) Brown.  Behind her in the black dress with the shiny trim is
Nancy Colvin Brown, widow of William Laban Brown.  Hamilton Brown is the tall gentleman
to the left at the back of the picture.  In front of him in the checked dress is his sister
Harriet Elizabeth Brown (Mrs. John Quaid).  The man to the right in the back is Henry
Davis and the woman next to him possibly Margaret Ann Brown, sister of Hamilton
Brown.  The remaining woman may be Judith Katheryn Tarwater,
wife of Robert B. Brown (a brother of Hamilton Brown).